Do you know that regional operators also have interesting Christmas offers?

Before the Christmas holidays, many customers of telecommunications operators have reached the end of their commitment and are considering which operator they will use services from in the following period. It is also the time when operators come up with various interesting promotions and gifts for new and existing customers.

The Telecommunication Union of the Slovak Republic (TÚSR) reminds that, in addition to multinational operators, there are also domestic operators operating on the market, who often provide services at a local or regional level and are well aware of local conditions and needs. Those who choose domestic operators not only get attractive services at reasonable prices, but also support domestic entrepreneurs and the development of the locality in which they live. TÚSR has selected several offers from domestic operators that illustrate the possibilities in selected locations of the Slovak Republic.

In the east of Slovakia with 1 Gbit/s internet and lots of discounts

On the optical network of the company Alternet in Košice and its surroundings, interested parties can get Internet with a speed of 1 Gbit/s (both ways) for a price of only EUR 16.90 per month, valid for the entire duration of the contract. The connection from Alternet also includes a separate public IPv4 address, network firewall protection and also DNS protection, which blocks unwanted access to servers with malicious content. Comfortable IP TV with archive and recording starts from EUR 8.49 per month. DVB-C cable TV with more than 50 popular programs is also available on the Alternet optical network in Medzev, Jasov and the surrounding area for only EUR 6.90 per month.

GeCom offers Christmas gifts in Michalovce and the surrounding area in the form of half-price television service for those who order it in combination with an Internet connection. In addition, there is a choice of one TV package for 12 months for free. All customers also get all 160 programs for free for the first month. Basic TV service is available on five active devices. For those interested in services who still have a contract with another operator, GeCom will provide free services for the duration of the remaining contract, but for a maximum of 3 months.

Free internet for half a year when switching from a competitor in Kysuce, Bytča and Žilina

From November to the end of January 2024, new customers of Bluenet (HMZ Rádiokomunikácie) have internet and all TV packages at half price. When switching from a competitor, the customer has free internet for half a year.

Central Slovakia with high-speed internet and television for free for 3 month

In Banská Bystrica, Sliač and their surroundings, BBXNET provides high-speed Internet connection and television services with a 14-day archive for the first 3 months without any fees. As part of the Christmas offer, customers will receive a free connection setup, a gigabit WiFi router, a TV box and a digital desk clock as a gift.

In the west with high speeds and a wide variety of discounts

In the district of Topoľčany and its surroundings, new customers of the telecommunications operator Wircom can use Internet services for free for the first 3 months. Among existing customers, 30 of them will win valuable prizes. Wircom also provides internet and television services through its own optical and LTE network.

In the SihotNET network in Hlohovec, you can surf with a speed of up to 1000 Mbit/s. New customers will get free internet during the remaining commitment with the previous operator, but for a maximum of 1 year. Customers can reduce the price by 10% by paying in advance for a year. Students, pensioners and non-profit organizations also get a 10% discount. If the customer recommends an Internet connection from SihotNET to a friend, they will both surf for free for a month.

The telecommunications operator Tlapnet currently offers broadband internet with a download speed of up to 1 Gbps in the area of Skalica, Holíč, Pezinok, Modra, Galanta, Sereď, Dunajská Streda and Levice, which interested parties can try for 30 days. The price of the internet service starts from EUR 9.90 per month. The offer includes free installation, "Smart TV" free for the first 3 months and an unlimited warranty on hardware supplied by the operator.