Why does the neighbor scream goal and I only see an attack?

While watching the preliminary matches of our hockey players, Mr. Jozef was surprised that the neighbor was shouting a goal while he was still watching the attack on the opponent. He would not like to experience this during the World Cup, so he was investigating what the problem was. The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic explains that the reason is a delay in signal transmission.

When watching hockey, every second can be important

In the last few days, we were able to watch the preliminary matches of our hockey players on TV, as well as the World Championship for players under 18 years of age. Mr. Jozef is also a big hockey fan, who watched all the matches of our hockey team. His neighbor Ján is also a big fan of sports and especially hockey. While watching the matches, Jozef noticed something that worried him. During the exciting watching of the attack of our national team, suddenly his neighbor Ján shouts a goal.

After the match, Jozef decided to find out what was going on. First, he reported the situation to his telecommunications operator. He learned from the operator that the service was fine and the technicians did not detect any malfunction or reduction in the quality of the service provided. Jozef was not satisfied with the technicians' answer, and he and his neighbor continued to search for the cause. They found that each of them uses the services of a different telecommunications operator. Finally, they turned to the Telecommunication Union of the Slovak Republic with their questions. The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic explains that this is caused by a delay in signal transmission.

What are the reasons for signal transmission delay?

While watching movies, series or news, the viewer usually does not notice any delay. A different situation can arise when watching hockey broadcasts charged with emotions, where the difference of a few seconds can be decisive. That's when an interesting phenomenon occurs in housing estates, when the shout "goal!" is not heard from households at the same time.

The delay is affected by both the transmission technology and the source from which the television receives its signal. Telecommunications operators subsequently adjust the signal from television broadcasters with their own technology. The length of the delay can be different for each operator. The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic simply explains that, in general, viewers who have Internet television (OTT) are the last to see the goal. In this case, it is an artificial delay that telecommunications operators approach in the interest of maintaining signal quality even with a less stable connection. When watching television via satellite, the signal travels first to the satellite and then back to the viewers, which increases the delay. Operators who take the signal via cable directly from the studio have minimal delay and can ensure higher technical quality.

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