The new vice-chairman of the Telecommunications Union of Slovak Republic wants to improve cooperation in the regions

The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic (TÚSR) elected a new vice-chairman of the board, Radovan Jakubko. The new vice-chairman wants to focus on increasing cooperation with municipalities and helping to improve the availability of electronic communication networks and services in the regions.

The previous vice-chairman was responsible for things that we take for granted today

Radovan Jakubko replaced Filip Križko, who has resigned and wants to focus on his activities abroad. Filip Križko is the prototype of a successful entrepreneur who, together with his partners, during years of hard work transformed a small local Internet service provider RadioLAN into the largest Slovak provider of telecommunications services through fixed radio networks. In addition to his own business, he was a founding member of the Association of Local Internet Providers (ALPI), later its long-term vice-chairman and finally vice-chairman of the TÚSR. In addition to business, he also devoted himself to helping disadvantaged citizens and organizations aimed at supporting them.

"The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic and I personally thank Filip Križko for his many years of work in the sector of electronic communications in Slovakia. Filip participated in the development of the wireless internet in this country practically from the beginning and during a quarter of a century he significantly helped to move this sector forward.  He has been also using his skills abroad, for a long time and successfully, and I understand as a human that he sees his future there. Doing business in Slovakia is a difficult race through unnecessary obstacles and it is a tar for this country that it is losing smart and educated people," said Michal Rybárik, chairman of the TÚSR board.

The new vice-chairman with a strong mandate

The availability of broadband access also has a significant impact on the development of regions. In the regions, domestic companies do business in the field of electronic communications and employ people living in the region.

"My plan is to improve the availability of high-speed networks even in less developed regions, through more intensive cooperation of local entrepreneurs and citizens with state administration bodies, local governments, as well as with infrastructure operators, especially with energy distribution companies", Jakubko clarified his plans. "I will advocate for the good cooperation of all parties, the equal treatment of all providers and their non-discrimination, as well as for the observance of laws and ethical rules."
The new vice-chairman Radovan Jakubko received 94% of the votes during the electronic voting of the TÚSR and thus a very strong mandate to promote the set goals.

During his basic military service, Radovan Jakubko won with a three-member team a nationwide competition in connecting radio stations communicating in Morse code and also participated in the renovation of the military radar at the airport in Košice. He was fascinated by radio communication, but in addition to it, he also worked on security systems. In the early days of the Internet, he started connecting people with the world of communication, first as a product manager at IES company, later at SWAN as a network engineer, and then as a network designer at the international Orange Business Services team. Finally, he decided to exchange employee benefits for the dynamic life of an entrepreneur as a partner and executive of the company PRESNET, which builds and provides high-speed networks and in which he also works as a network engineer and consultant.