Customers will benefit from competition and ethical business practices of telecommunications operators

Does it seem to you that there is a little competition between telecommunications operators and also you have a smaller selection of services and higher prices compared to other countries? A helping hand with the necessary changes is offered by Telecommunication union of Slovak Republic (hereinafter referred to as "TUSR"), whose aim is to support competition on the telecommunications market and also supervise the legal and moral provision of electronic communication networks and services.

The association publishes General Terms and Conditions governing its members' contractual relations with customers, which are in line with ethical principles, so that customers can be sure that the terms are fair and reasonable and that there are no tricks somewhere written with small letters. TUSR supports effective competition between telecommunications operators and the creation of conditions for the entry of mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) into the Slovak market. Users of services, i.e. consumers and entrepreneurs, will especially benefit from fair competition and the possibility of choosing among several telecommunication service providers.

What is TUSR and what are its goals?

TUSR is an independent and non-political association. The members are telecommunication operators who have committed to conduct business ethically, support economic competition and focus on the development of electronic communication networks and services in the Slovak Republic for the benefit of consumers. Operators from TUSR deal with the competition decisively, but in a good faith, in accordance with the principles of fair and open competition rules and in the interest of the good name of the entire industry. "Our goal is to create partnerships and submit initiative proposals to resolve shortcomings that negatively affect competition and make doing business in Slovakia more difficult," explains Michal Rybarik, chairman of the TUSR. The members of TUSR are represented by experienced managers and technicians, cooperating with renowned international experts in the field of regulation, law and communication, who act on the so-called best practice of EU member countries.

Consumers are best protected by competition

TUSR is a member of the European Association for Competition in Telecommunications (ECTA) and establishes cooperation with telecommunications associations from neighboring countries as well. ECTA is a pan-European pro-competition association representing more than 100 pro-competitive telecommunications operators and digital solutions providers across Europe. According to ECTA, consumers are best protected by competition. Incumbents must not be allowed to impede competition, and regulators should not pick winners or losers. "ECTA members are convinced that competition is the best driver of effective investment and the biggest enabler of innovation, choice and benefits for citizens and entrepreneurs, as well as for the European economy as a whole", explains Rybarik. "As new technologies and services arrive, policymakers should remain vigilant so that competition and the digital ecosystem work in a way that is most beneficial to consumers, businesses and public institutions," he concludes.

How was TUSR established

Telecommunication union of Slovak Republic replaced the original Association of Local Internet Providers (ALPI), which focused on supporting the development of the internet in the Slovak Republic and initially brought together only local Internet providers. ALPI gradually began to focus on other areas and its members expanded the range of services provided. Some members of ALPI gradually grew, becoming regional operators that provide voice and television services in addition to the internet. The membership base already consists of approximately 50 operators and continues to grow. Currently, TUSR members are not only local and regional operators, but also operators providing wholesale services throughout the Slovak Republic.