• We do our business ethically and support economic competition

  • Consumers are best protected by economic competition

  • We cooperate with the international experts in telecommunications, regulation and law

  • We support the development of electronic communication networks and services for the benefit of consumers

Telecommunication Union of Slovak Republic

TUSR is an independent and non-political association. The members are telecommunication operators who have committed to conduct business ethically, support economic competition and focus on the development of electronic communication networks and services in Slovakia for the benefit of consumers. Operators from TUSR deal with the competition decisively, but in good faith, in accordance with the principles of fair and open competition rules and in the interest of the good name of the entire industry.

The goal of TUSR is to create partnerships and submit initiative proposals in order to solve shortcomings that negatively affect competition and make doing business in Slovakia even more difficult. The members of TUSR are represented by experienced managers and technicians, cooperating with renowned international experts in the field of regulation, law and communication, who act on the so-called best practice of EU member countries.

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Press releases and statements

Canceling the retransmission of Czech TV stations is not desirable

The Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic (TÚSR) welcomes the conclusions of the Antimonopoly Office of the Slovak Republic (PMÚ) in connection with the investigation of the retransmission of Czech TV stations on the territory of the Slovak Republic, which stated that the cancellation of the entire broadcast of foreign TV stations is not desirable and cannot be forced against operators.

Do you know what a boiler has to do with frozen trolleys and antennas?

Do you know that a heating boiler can interfere with radio and television reception? Can frozen trolleys make it difficult to listen to your favorite shows? In relation to the winter season and freezing weather, the Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic draws attention to interesting problems with the use of telecommunications services and interference with radio and television reception.

The weather during Christmas tested the preparedness of the operators

During the Christmas holidays, the Telecommunications Union of the Slovak Republic noted a deterioration in the availability of telecommunications services, which was caused by heavy snowfall, wind and power outages. The weather tested the preparedness of the technicians of the distribution companies and telecommunications operators. In some cases, the cause of the reported "outage" was only a snowy antenna at the service user.

Do you know that regional operators also have interesting Christmas offers?

Before the Christmas holidays, many customers of telecommunications operators have reached the end of their commitment and are considering which operator they will use services from in the following period. TÚSR has selected several offers from domestic operators that illustrate the possibilities in selected locations of the Slovak Republic.

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